Guaranteed Buyback


Fall Guaranteed Buyback / Returns due December 17th, 2021

Course Code Author ISBN# Selling Price Guaranteed Buyback Amount
ADST 5P73 Cooper Applied Behavior Analysis               9780134752556   $166.65 $70.00
BIOL 2P97 Silverthorn Human Physiology                 9780134605197   $199.00 $110.00
BIOL 3P28 Barresi Developmental Biology                   9781605358222   $234.99 $100.00
BIOL 3P95 Hill Animal Physiology                       9781605354712   $241.95 $100.00
CHYS 2P52 Gravetter Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences 9781337613316 $154.95 $65.00
CHYS 3P10 Creswell Qualitative Inquiry & Research Design     9781506330204   $108.95 $45.00
CHYS 3P47 Martin Behavior Modification                   9780815366546   $212.95 $85.00
COMM 3P33 Johnson Privilege, Power & Difference             9780073404226   $86.95 $40.00
ECON 3P90 Stock Introduction to Econometrics           9780134461991 $199.95 $140.00
ECON 4P17 Weil Economic Growth                         9780321795731   $266.50 $95.00
ENCW 2P72 Burroway Imaginative Writing       9780134053240   $91.75 $40.00
ENGL 2P70 Leitch Norton Anthology of Theory+Criticism         9780393602951   $131.95 $55.00
ENGL 2P72 Burroway Imaginative Writing       9780134053240   $91.75 $40.00
ENTR 2P51 Barringer Entrepreneurship                        9780134729534   $199.00 $100.00
ENTR 2P91 Barringer Entrepreneurship                        9780134729534   $199.00 $100.00
ERSC 1P01 Marshak Earth:Portrait of a Planet       9780393640137 $148.95 $70.00
FILM 2P90 Cook History of Narrative Film               9780393920093   $154.50 $65.00
HIST 2P65 Spence Search for Modern China                 9780393934519   $84.50 $35.00
HLSC 2P09 Silverthorn Human Physiology                 9780134605197   $199.00 $110.00
ITIS 1P97 Evans Business Analytics                      9780135231678   $199.95 $120.00
ITIS 4P26 Chopra Supply Chain Management                 9780134731889   $199.95 $120.00
KINE 4P00 McManama Physical Education Activity Handbook    9780321883636   $208.25 $75.00
LING 3P97 Martin Introduction to Audiology               9780134695044   $183.25 $75.00
OPER 4P26 Chopra Supply Chain Management                 9780134731889   $199.95 $120.00
PHYS 3P35 Griffiths Introduction to Electrodynamics 9781108420419 $82.95 $30.00
PSYC 3P30 Morling Research Methods in Psychology 9780393536263 $138.95 $60.00
PSYC 3P33 Johnson Privilege, Power & Difference             9780073404226   $86.95 $40.00
PSYC 3P77 Parke Social Development                      9781119498056   $83.95 $35.00
RECL 1P95 Rossman Recreation Programming                  9781571679468   $174.75 $65.00
RECL 2P07 Leedy Practical Research                      9780134775654   $99.99 $40.00
WRDS 2P72 Burroway Imaginative Writing       9780134053240   $91.75 $40.00
If your textbook is on our Guaranteed Buyback list, we will buy it back from you for the price listed up until December 17th, 2021.
Payment will be issued via debit, credit or gift card for returns made in-store. Payment will be issued to your Brock student account for returns made via mail. Please be mindful that we will need to assess the condition of your book before we agree to buy it back. Books must be in a resalable condition (i.e. no missing covers, pages, or obvious water damage) and match the ISBN listed on the Guaranteed Buyback List. A rebate will not be provided for books that do not qualify or meet the criteria.
The ISBN (barcode on back of the book) must match exactly in order to be eligible. If the ISBN does not match it could be an older edition or different version of the textbook and as a result it is not on the Guaranteed Buyback list.
Unfortunately the Campus Store is unable to accept late Guaranteed Buyback returns. All Fall titles must be returned by December 17th, 2021.
The Campus Store will accept returns in-store and via mail. We strongly recommend that packages being returned are insured using a traceable shipping method. Please ensure prior to shipping that the book is on the list and include the following information in your shipment:
  • Name
  • Student ID #
  • Brock Email Address
  • Course Code
  • Original Receipt
Students are responsible for all shipping and handling fees associated with the return.
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