Colour-Flow Neon Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Color Led Light


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Thicker, More Durable, Bends Easier: Made of a stronger Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material than other LED strips, this allows for it to bend in an easier manner, while being more durable for specific spaces and tight areas. Create more unique designs and forms by bending the strips as much as possible and avoid all the wear-and-tear that comes along with overuse. Customizable Your Color and Light Settings: The Multi-zone RGB color, flow and flash settings are fully customizable according to your own individual preferences. Use the included InfraRed remote to further customize the color, brightness, and lighting settings to create the most beautiful and dazzling options available on the market today. Remote Control is Superb for Big Spaces: Able to work up to 26 feet away, the InfraRed remote is great for big living spaces to make the adjustments you want to your lights. Easy-to-Setup and Install: With the included mounting clips and screws, you can easily place the LED Light Strip in any space to create the most unique and interesting displays imaginable. 

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