Roccat Taito Control Gaming Mousepad Black


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For serious gamers who thrive with a cloth mouse surface with more control. The taito control takes your game to the next level. The expertly crafted surface takes the award-winning blueprint of the original taito and re-develops it with an emphasis on more precise control. At a comfortable mid-size of 400 x 320mm and a design focused on extended durability. The taito control is a high-spec Pad that won't let you down. With a long-lasting stitched border in ROCCAT blue. The taito control brings both the style and the substance, with no fray. Built for more control. The taito control's surface features advanced cloth textile chosen only after countless hours of rigorous testing. Many cloth mouse pads are made using coarse, low quality materials resulting in frayed edges and an inconsistent surface. Total control surface provides steady, smooth mouse actions heavy-duty stitched border prevents fraying over long-term comfortable gaming size 400 x 320mm with a thickness of 3.5mm rubberized backing provides excellent grip and no-slip security long life. Material rugged, stress-resistant build.

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