Monster 6.5Ft. Led Strip Kit With Remote Control


  • Change Your Light Effects with Brightness Control: Modify the strength of your lights with Brightness Control. Instead of a one-fit-all approach, make your lights applicable to your immediate surroundings.
  • Backlight your TV and Computer: By plugging the USB port into the back of your television or computer, you can backlight your devices for a more optimal environment. Get the best viewing quality possible while watching your favorite movies or playing the most exciting video games.
  • Multiple Shades of White: Change how your light looks with different options including Daylight, Cool, Soft or Warm White. Get the best looks for your settings without sacrificing comfort.
  • Adjust Flashes with Speed Adjustment: Create the ideal lighting arrangements with speed settings to control the flashing modes on your strip.
  • Our Remote Control Allows for the Perfect Lighting Settings: Customize your lighting using the included remote control. Dimming setup, White Color Warmth and Flashing Controls are all at your fingertips.

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