Monster Clarity Hd 100 Around-Ear Wired Headphones


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Monster performance for less! Monster clarity around ear headphones are ideal for the music lover who wants full-bodied, dynamic sound without the size and bulk of traditional over-ear models. Monster?s tapered cushion design nestles the outer contours of the ear, providing a light and comfortable experience while maintaining excellent sound isolation.

We have incorporated a Monster high-intelligibility microphone that applies our audio engineering excellence to ensure outstanding clarity on phone calls -- on both sides of the conversation -- in any environment. Our inverse-cone shaped ear-cups deflect outside ambient noise, allowing crystal clear calls and excellent music audio. Equipped with a detachable Monster cable for easy connection to DJ, home and airline entertainment systems.

? Around ear circumaural design
? Unique ultra-soft tapered cushion nestles around the ear for comfortable isolation
? Compact, lightweight closed-back construction
? Adjustable, durable, folding design
? Detachable 3.5 mm audio cable

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